Transform your life

and reach the next level

Life coaching for busy business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take back control, get unstuck and propel your life to the next level.

Transform your life

and reach the next level

Life coaching for busy business owners and entrepreneurs looking to take back control, get unstuck and propel your life to the next level.

Identify your
limiting beliefs

Banish the obstacles that
are holding you back

Find your purpose
& live a fulfilling life

Your life shouldn’t feel
like a struggle

Are you struggling with:

Running a business can be a lonely place. What may look like glitz and glam from the outside is often far from it. Long days, sleepless nights, and never-ending pressure can leave you feeling like you’re teetering on the brink with no time to focus on your vision or yourself. Even the smallest of life events threaten to push you over the edge, let alone the big transitions. Your motivation is at an all-time low, and life has become lacklustre and uninspiring. Far from living your dream, you’re questioning whether you’re capable of achieving it – or even deserve it. But it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right support, you can realise your goals and lead a life you love.

Find clarity and focus

Finally get unstuck, identify your goals, and get clear and focused on how you can achieve them.

Improve your leadership

Understand how you show up to others and get tools to empower you to be a more effective leader.

Become a healthier you

Get support to stay motivated, improve your mindset and reach your health and fitness goals.

Reignite your passion for life

Gain a renewed sense of self, improve your relationships, and master your emotions.

Kaleta Coaching –

empowering you to get unstuck, live the life you deserve & reach the next level

Our 1-2-1 life coaching sessions have helped many clients just like you overcome their obstacles, look fear in the face and smash their goals. As qualified coaches and business owners ourselves, we offer unique insight into the life challenges you face when trying to build your empire – but we know there’s no one-size-fits-all. That’s why we take the time to explore your unique circumstances, identify the obstacles in your way, create awareness of your self-limiting beliefs, and provide you with tailored tools and strategies to remove the limitation….feel limitless.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with us:

See results

as fast as the first session

Working with a coach is proven to help you see results faster than going it alone – and working with us is no exception. We know how important it is for your mindset and motivation to see real improvement, fast. That’s why we devised our 2-part signature system – The Mindset Reset Success System- that’s proven to achieve results as quickly as our first session together (or your money back!), so you can feel 100% confident in the work we do together.

Here’s how we do it:

Identify your
main obstacles

We’ll waste no time detecting the biggest obstacles to your success so we can focus our energy on what matters most.

Crush your

We’ll give you tailored tools and strategies to help you to overcome specific barriers, enabling you to remove your limitations and create lasting change.

your mindset

You’ll experience an unmistakable shift in your mindset once your  obstacles have been identified, propelling you forward quickly to crush all your goals.

Our clients commit to a minimum 3-month programme, with most opting to invest their time for upwards of 6-12 months once they see the remarkable progress they are achieving using this method.

What is life coaching, and how can it change your life?

Are you at a crossroads in your life, wondering which path to take? Do you know what you want but lack the confidence to take the first step? Do you feel that success is reserved for others? If these things ring true, then life coaching can help. When negative, limiting beliefs obscure your mindset and you feel stuck, a life coach can exponentially improve all areas of your life by allowing you to break through the noise, identify your goals and provide you with accountability and support to help you become the ‘you’ you know you can be.

Coaching has helped millions of people like you see unparalleled results like these:

Improved self-confidence
Better career opportunities
Improved, healthier relationships
Improved business management
Increased work performance
Improved overall wellness

Working with a qualified coach is proven to help you achieve your goals in a fraction of the time it would take you trying to reach them by yourself. It’s the best investment you can make for your future self.

Are you ready to reach the next level, propel yourself forward and be limitless?

1. Schedule a Clarity Session

We’ll have a free 45-minute call to get an overview of the struggles you’re facing and we can make sure we’re the right fit for each other.

2. Change the narrative

You’ll choose your coaching package and get concrete tools and strategies and overcome your obstacles. We’ll be on hand as much or as little as you need to keep you focused.

3. Regain control

Get the clarity and confidence you’ve been missing so you can lift your limitations, reach your goals, and finally see that a fulfilling life isn’t something that’s only reserved for others.

Find out what’s holding you back

from the success you deserve

Why settle for mediocre when outstanding is yours for the taking? It’s time you stopped letting your fears hold you back from achieving the life you’ve always wanted. Instead, schedule a free clarity session to get the tools you need to finally create your own success story.