Is coaching worth the investment?

Q- Why do some people like the idea of having a coach but they won’t take steps to invest the time and money in coaching?

A -They don’t understand the value. They place a value on each session.

They take the overall price and divided it by the number of sessions and say.. I’m not paying for that! It seems expensive.

I know, because that’s exactly what I did when I very first considered investing in a coach. I couldn’t comprehend how it could be worth it and how or why they could justify charging that much.

After weeks of wrangling with what I describe as my inner villain….you know that voice that convinces you it’s your rational mind, but it’s really the voice of your inner villain, the one that sabotages you. I won the argument, and I took big, brave, uncomfortable action.

Roll on 6 months after my coaching ended and wow! firstly, I built up a beautiful relationship with my coach, whom I adore and trust. She supported me from a place of authenticity, she had my best interests at the heart of every session and she gave her all to support my coaching journey. I also achieved too many goals to mention. The bigger picture is that my coaching journey with her has ended, but because I got so much out of it, the value of the coaching continues, probably on a daily basis. What I mean by that is, I use the tools I learned from coaching daily. I have better practices, I move forward in my life more confidently and I absolutely crush my goals. The best part is I’m now taking regular, uncomfortable actions. Following on from my decision to invest in a coach, that decision alone has helped me trust myself, quieten my inner villain, and go all in on the big stuff that feels uncomfortable. Coaching most definitely gets you shifted towards your goals quicker and easier than if you try and do it alone, in fact, I don’t believe for one minute I’d have had the strategies, tools, and insight to do any of it alone.

This is a snippet of my own coaching journey, and what yours could look like too

Natalie Kaleta

Reach the next level and be limitless!

Magic can happen inside the sessions; breakthroughs! But each session alone is not enough. It’s all of it put together and building momentum with it that creates the magic. What happens outside of the sessions builds your momentum together with regular sessions. It’s a holistic approach that creates life-changing, lasting change. You have different outcomes for each session. Life happens, and things get thrown up, we deal with that so it doesn’t stop your momentum, you are always on a path propelling you forward. And when life happens, it doesn’t derail you.

To truly understand the value of investing in coaching you must first look at the bigger picture, then ask yourself one question…

What is it worth to me to achieve…. (Insert your goal)?

Usually, the answer is priceless, why, because when we are stuck it can be a painful place to be. Not realising your full potential and knowing it, can feel devastating. But if you don’t know what’s stopping you then “you’re stuck”.

If you think you’re the only one to benefit from your decision to get a coach then this would be a wrong assumption to make. Do you really think that when you have a life-changing experience you keep it to yourself? or that those around you don’t notice the positive changes in you?… Nope, you’ll share the tools and strategies your benefit from during coaching with friends and family that need it, and help them change their lives too. But the people that benefit most are your immediate inner circle, your partner, your children, and your work/business colleagues. They benefit from your growth in ways you could never imagine.

So, what is coaching really? coaching is not just coaching, it’s the mechanism to life-changing, exponential growth in any area of your life that you choose to focus on.

And this is why coaching is the best investment in you that you could ever make.

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